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This years Lancaster Santa Claus Parade form is now ready for you to complete.

Please fill out and submit and that is all you need to do. You will see a confirmation page once submitted.

PARADE DATE: SATURDAY, November 26, 2022

Parade Marches off at 1:00 pm Sharp.

Theme of this years parade is "Community"

Parade Route Map (Click Here)


By signing below I/we agree to hold harmless the Saint John Lancaster Business Association(hereinafter SJLBA), its committee, officers, directors, volunteers, agents, employees and the City of Saint John and its agents, employee's and volunteers for any injury or damage that i/we may incur as a participant in the parade.*
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Thank you! Your application was sent successfully. You will receive a email from us the week before the parade to give you all the instructions for parade day. Thank you for your support of the Santa Claus Parade.

Terms and Conditions for Lancaster Santa Claus Parade

1. Deadline for all entries will be Friday, November 11, 2022, 1:00 PM. Please provide all your information by the deadline date. The Committee reserves the right to refuse and/or modify any entry to the Parade. Applications are available on line at

2. All entries must have decorations in order to participate in the parade. No political statements of any kind. The Santa Claus Parade Committee and the Parade Marshall reserve the right to deny participation of any entry that is deemed unsafe or does not adhere to standards and conditions set forth herein. Commercial tones are to be minimized. Entries should appeal to children first and adults second.

3. Signage identifying entrant or float sponsor should be placed either in front or on both sides of the float. If you would like to have your float judged for prizes, signage must be easily identifiable by the judges.

4. The height of the float should be no more than 12 feet from the road surface.

5. All floats should have LIVE or TAPED Christmas music.

6. Candy and/or treats and/or promotional material MAY BE GIVEN out from the floats provided it is done in a safe manner and spectators’ are not coming onto the streets to collect such items

7. Absolutely NO LIVE SANTA'S on any float, as this confuses the children.

8. SAFETY ISSUES: Transport Floats are permitted with these conditions:

· Wheels on floats must be covered, whenever possible to prevent costumes from getting caught.

· People are to walk beside the float at all times as a buffer zone between float and children in the audience. (Masks are required by buffers)

9. All marching or walking entries MUST CONTINUE TO MOVE FORWARD WITH NO STOPPING to avoid gaps in the parade.

10. Upon arrival please present your registration confirmation to the attendant who will allow entry to the set up area. Only authorized entries will be allowed to enter set up area. Arrival time is 10:00 am and parade will march off at 1:00 pm. Saturday November 21, 2019.

11. The theme of the parade is “Community”

12. The spelling of “Christmas” must be used no abbreviations (ie: X-MAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, etc…) exception is “Happy Holidays” can be used if ”Merry Christmas” is also used.


3. There is NO FEE to enter the parade. Any donation of non-perishable food items will be given to the West Side Food Bank.

14. Participant/Applicant agrees to indemnify and hold The Saint John Lancaster Business Association, the Committee, their members, officers, agents and employees, the City of Saint John, their officers, agents and employees, harmless from any liability, loss or damage they may suffer as result of claims, demands, costs or judgments against them arising out of the activities to be carried out pursuant to the obligations of this Agreement for participation and actual participation in the Lancaster Santa Claus Parade, including, but not limited to, the use by Participant of the results obtained from the activities performed by Saint John Lancaster Business Association or its committee under this Agreement; provided, however, that any such liability, loss or damage resulting from the following Subsections “a” or “b” is excluded from this Agreement to indemnify and hold harmless:

14a. the negligent failure of Saint John Lancaster Business

 Association or its committee to substantially comply with an applicable Laws or other governmental requirements; or

14b. the negligence or willful malfeasance of any member, officer, agent or employee of Saint John Lancaster Business Association or its committee.

15. Every entry must have a policy for liability insurance for any motor vehicle, trailer, cart, wagon or other conveyance that is required by the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act.

16. Trophies will be presented to the winning entries as decided by the Official Judges. Winners will be notified by the committee and trophies will be sent or arrangements made for pick-up by the winners.